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Why Go With a Sentry Pool Heater For Your Aquatic Design?

June 05 2020

Sentry produces some of the most top-of-the-line pool heaters on the market today. They come with benefits you can’t find anywhere else from efficiency to size, Sentry is the way to go for pool heating.

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The Benefits of a Sentry Pool Heater 

  • Sentry Pool Heaters are the Industry’s most efficient commercial pool heaters at 98% thermal efficiency. Many other companies boast about their 25 stages of turn down whereas Sentry can offer 88. 
  • Sentry’s units use totally sealed combustion, meaning that they do not pull combustion from the equipment room. Keeping the corrosive environment out of the combustion chamber increases efficiency and longevity for the system.
  • Sentry's heat exchangers are 304L and made of stainless steel which makes them safe for chlorine and saline systems.
  • Sentry has industry-leading Delta T's. They make condensing technology condense! Where most companies want around a 30-degree Delta, Sentry can give up to 90 simply because we get the energy to the pool. 
  • The typical sizes of pool heating units (96"- 136") cover you from 800k BTUs to 1.2MBTUHs, and the 1.6MBTUH system’s largest single piece is 80" wide! All of Sentry’s standard units are 52' tall and 15" thick, eliminating much of their footprint in the mechanical room. In fact, typical installations have them mounted on the wall and venting directly out of the building. 
  • Due to our superior heat transfer, 100% of Sentry’s venting systems can be made from Schedule-40 PVC, eliminating long lead times and other costly materials versus other manufacturers.
  • Sentry's system is modular, and by that, it helps in several different ways: it gives them redundancy—meaning if one unit has a problem you don't completely lose your entire system. And, in most cases, it allows you to run your pool normally. 
  • The life expectancy of Sentry pool heating systems is years greater than other systems available and a 10-year warranty is offered. Sentry has systems that are 15 years old and still in operation. 
  • The fluid within the system has freeze protection to 30 degrees below zero. This eliminates the cost of having a service provider come out and winterize your pool heating system in the fall on outdoor facilities. By keeping the treated fluid in the system year round, it also protects the pumps, seals, and piping from drying out, as well as keeping oxidation in the system.
  • The second generation of submersible heat exchangers we offer are 24" tall by 63" long which allow them to fit in 36" hatch openings easier, and are constructed on a 7" radius so makes them compact in terms of thickness. 


Technological Advances of Sentry Pool Heaters

As said earlier, Sentry has been building high-quality pool heaters since 2003, and over the last 17 years, they’ve evolved. 

What was once a pressurized system filled with tap water is now a non-pressurized system filled with food grade antifreeze and inhibitors. 

Everything Sentry has done through this journey has been to make the Industries BEST heating system. Efficient, compact, and user friendly both operationally and for maintenance. They have over 30 systems in operation today and are growing quickly.


Common Questions About Sentry Pool Heaters

1. Is there any minimum water depth above the submerged heat Sentry 1exchangers required?

The only thing you want to be sure of is that the exchangers are submerged. As we all know, the water in the surge tank is only there for a short time so the BTUs are transferred instantly, and the water temp increases basically in the whole system. On that note, the use of the Sentry Pool Valve which is a dynamic modulating, main drain, fill valve allows you to set the surge pit depth to the minimum you require for (pump intakes, heat exchangers) and maximizes your surge capacity.  

2. Does the submerged heat exchanger require any separation in the surge tanks to function effectively?

The exchangers can be set as close as the footplates allow you to and still get conduction of surrounding water. 

There have been instances where the exchangers couldn’t get directly in the flow between the main drain and the pump suction but still conveyed the BTUs. 

3. Should I buy a Submersive or Flat Plate Heater?

The answer to this depends on your surge tank. If you have one, you’d want to go with a submerged heat exchanger. If not, go with a flat plate heat exchanger.

4. What are the sizing limitations?

There are none!


Why Sentry Over Competing Products?

  • Other competing pool heaters offer little to no dramatic space savings.
  • Sentry’s competitors are far less energy efficient.
  • Flue piping on Aquas must be CPVC, polypropylene, or AL29c stainless steel. On AL29c, expect 4-6 week lead times and typically around $100 ft in material, slower installation time on venting.
  • Other pool heaters are heavy. 750k-2,000,000 units range from 3-4K lbs roughly 4 times heavier than Sentry.
  • Others offer no redundancy. If there is 1 problem, you lose all of your heating ability.
  • Other units fall under boiler code (pressure vessels) and must be inspected by the boiler inspector annually. 
  • Higher insurance and maintenance costs for operators


Sentry Pool Products 

Sentry Pool Valve—

The Sentry Pool Valve is a Dynamic Modulating, Main Drain, Fill Valve

The Sentry Pool Valve is a self-contained, non-electric, non-pneumatic, modulating main drain control with integral make up water. It is designed to automate the skimming function of a gutter drain (perimeter) type swimming pool. It removes the connection to the main drain from the filtration pump removing all suction and any possibility for entrapment, essentially it is a VGB compliant valve. The Sentry Pool Valve maximizes 80% of the flow off the top and 20% of flow from the bottom automatically. The Sentry Pool Valve allows for accurate level setting of the surge tank capacity eliminating unnecessary overflow waste to sanitary. The Sentry Pool Valve saves water, energy and chemical usage all while ensuring uninterrupted perfectly balanced skimming of your swimming pool.


Sentry Pool Heater—Natural Gas & Propane -

The Sentry Pool Heater is a commercial condensing water heater

The Sentry heater is 98% efficient combined with a closed food grade glycerin loop and NSF 50 listed patented high efficiency heat exchanger directly submerged into the surge tank. The pool heater does not take in the pool or domestic water when heating instead we circulate and heat food grade non-toxic glycerin putting the BTU’s exactly where they are needed without exposing our system to any pool water. By doing this we are able to reduce energy consumption, lower operational costs and increase the operating life of the unit dramatically versus conventional pool heating systems and offer an industry leading warranty.

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