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What the department of energy's 2020 regulations mean for the aquatics recreation industry

March 25 2020

The Department of Energy (DOE) has announced new standards and regulations for pumps and other industrial equipment which is officially effective as of January 27, 2020. How will these new regulations affect aquatics recreation industry?

The Amended Energy Policy and Conservation Act

In 2011, the DOE initiated efforts to develop a standard of energy conservation for pumps and now these efforts have resulted in an amendment to The Energy Policy and Conservation Act (EPCA) of 1975. Pact C of Title III establishes the “Energy Conservation Program for Certain Industrial Equipment,” which now includes pumps.

Though this effectively went into action on March 28, 2016, compliance was required on and after January 27th of this year. 

The scope of the standard—involving pumps—includes end suction, close-coupled pumps. This means the herborner.F-N series falls within and now meets the standard.


Establishing the Pump Energy Index and Efficiency Requirements

To Establish baseline pump efficiency requirements, pump data was collected from various manufacturers. The pump data submitted was flow, head, power, and efficiency, and the DOE used this information to determine the new baseline standards and life cycle cost (LCC) analysis.

The results of this data collection was a brand-new metric established by the DOE: the Pump Energy Index (PEI). Within that metric are two types: 

  • PEICL (constant load): Applies to pumps sold without continuous or noncontinuous controls. 
  • PEIVL (variable load): Applies to pumps sold with either continuous or noncontinuous controls.

If a pump’s PEI is greater than 1.00, that pump consumes more energy than allowed by the DOE’s energy conservation standard—this means it does not comply with the new laws. A value less than 1.00 indicates that the pump consumes less energy than the level required and is compliant.


Herborner Pumps Meet the New Standard

Herborner.F-N Series

All pumps of the F-N series have been tested regarding the new regulation and are compliant with the new standards. The F-N series meets and exceeds the requirements set by the DOE with a PEI value less than 1.00.

Herborner.X-N Series

Due to its different and unique design, the pumps of the X-N series do not fall under the scope of the DOE requirements. Nevertheless, even with the losses of the integrated filter strainer, the herborner.X-N pumps have excellent energy efficiencies and nearly all pumps of this range have a PEI value of less than 1.00 and therefore would meet the DOE requirements.

With herborner X-N pumps, you don’t only save energy and maintenance costs, but also space and additional plumbing.

As the standards and regulations change, herborner pumps change with them and continue to not only meet them but exceed them.

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