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Aquify Systems Expands Operations with a Dallas, TX Facility

February 25 2022

Aquify Systems, a leading innovator of aquatic mechanical product solutions, recently opened a state-of-the-art 30,000 sq. ft. warehouse facility in Dallas, TX to support the accelerated year-over-year growth of its North American operations.

A new center of operations

Designated for inventory, assembly, and light manufacturing, the centrally-located Dallas facility enables easy and efficient nationwide and international distribution of Aquify’s products. The facility boasts a large pump test rig, built to Hydraulic Institute standards, to validate pump curves and performance prior to shipping. Aquify can also test and program all variable frequency drives (VFDs) in conjunction with pumps for easy installation.

Aquify Dallas warehouse commercial pool products

Aquify is always evolving

“In response to the pandemic-driven global supply chain disruptions, we pivoted from a just-in-time (JIT) inventory control model to the Kanban scheduling system to shorten lead times and create a cost-effective workflow to better meet customer demands,” said Ryan McDowell, President at Aquify. “Our new Dallas facility gives us the capacity, flexibility, and testing capability to keep pace with increasing order volumes while mitigating the impact of the supply chain crisis.”

Herborner has a new North American hub

The warehouse also serves as the new U.S. assembly hub for Herborner Pumpen, the European market leader of commercial aquatic pumps. Aquify is the exclusive distributor of Herborner pumps in North America.

Aquify Dallas warehouse pumps

“To facilitate our expansion into North America, we’ve chosen to partner with Aquify to assemble all of our aquatic pumps at their new Dallas facility,” said Wolfram Kuhn, Managing Director at Herborner Pumpen. “Aquify shares our vision to create the most efficient, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly aquatics mechanical products on the market.”

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